Escuela Nacional CPT

Based in “Parque del amor” (Park of Love) in Cali, Circo Para Todos is the first professional circus school specifically dedicated to disadvantaged children.

 MG 2009  MG 1955 1 Photo Jun 09, 2014, opening BOG perche on (CA) perche mano a mano perche duo floor Oscar + Soledad credit Titouan Lamazou 2.8mb


To train students to the highest level of international circus. To graduate them with internationally recognised diplomas, and to support them so that their success and positive experiences feedback into their communities and inspire the future generations to follow their footsteps;



The school’s program of content is based on the model of other major national circus schools (Cuba, China, France, Canada), training circus artists and instructors to a professional level in a 4-year course.

Students attend the courses on a part-time basis, 4 hours in the morning or afternoon, 6 days a week. This fits with the timetable of normal Colombian education.

After their graduation, students leave with school diploma in hand and distinguished career in sight. They are supported into their professional integration by their artistic agency Circolombia, which has been created as the fourth programme of the Circo Para Todos project.


School Montage