Talleres Comunitarios

The Circo Para Todos Community Workshops programme consists of motivational workshops, which are an introduction to the circus and are held in two types of locations:

– In open air sites called invasiones, neighbourhoods where displaced families reside, such as Siloe, Aguablanca, and Charco Azul (the cumulative population of these districts is approximately 1 million, half the population of Cali).

– Within child welfare institutions, such as Bosconia Casa Marcelino, Hogar de la Luz, Fundacion Harold H. Eder and Señor de Los Milagros.

These workshops are led by instructors who have the same background as the children and are graduates from school. They work under their teachers’ supervision, and educational and social monitoring is done in collaboration with the partner institutions.

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The objectives

• Introduce the basic circus disciplines, which help to channel aggression and violence into positive energy.

• Transmit social values through the experience of circus life – teamwork, solidarity, commitment, responsibility, cooperation and peaceful coexistence.

• Get the kids off the street and away from everyday violence. 


• The workshops provide an introduction to the basic techniques of circus such as acrobatics, balancing, juggling and aerials – for a period of 6 to 9 months, five hours a week.

• By having public presentations in the same place as the workshops, families and friends are invited to discover their children’s new talent.

Once a year there is an audition to enter the school, which is

open to anyone who wants to apply.